Tuesday, June 18, 2013

reliance highspeed 3g gprs tricks

welcome to mobile tips and tricks. today i am found new high speed 2g or 3g proxy for reliance telecom network. this proxy work all android and Nokia 2g , 3g supported mobile phone. this proxy very fine work in Kerala and Punjab.so i am write this post for my lovely visitors and my friends. you are no required any front query, real host and  any uc,opera mini handler. try your state and please send me comment for this proxy trick.

highlight of reliance proxy
high speed --- this proxy give you very high speed downloading in your mobile and laptop. download any big video file, download any mobile movie and watch online rtsp://  channel in rocket speed.
3g proxy -----   this is a 3g proxy. so you download any big softawre, game , and pc movie or video in 2g gprs pack with blasting 3g speed
both work 2g or 3g -----  this proxy both work in your 2g or 3g supported mobile. also work pc in low broadband connection and your 2g, 3g data card.

setup proxy in your mobile

create new account in your mobile
name ------mobile tips and tricks
apn ------ rcomnet
proxy -------
port -------- 3128
home page -- any ( http://atongariya.blogspot.com)


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