Friday, June 7, 2013

new bsnl high speed gprs proxy trick

welcome to my new post and blog. today i am found very unique and fresh gprs proxy for get bsnl high speed in 2g and 3g. this proxy based on bsnl loop hole and  this working in bsnl default apn -- bsnlnet. so you get very high speed in your 2g mobile and sim cards.

features of new bsnl high speed gprs proxy trick
this proxy fine work with all Nokia,Samsung and all 2g,3g supported mobile phone.also use in mobile and laptop.this proxy i also tested in my android 4.1 jelly bean os and this proxy result is fine and work 100% in my 2g gprs peck with 1rs. please try to your state and please tell me.

 config.bsnl high speed gprs proxy trick
create new profile ----- bsnl
apn ----- bsnlnet
home page ----
proxy -------
port -------- 8080
auth. ----- normal ( for java mobile --- secure )
save it and enjoy high speed internet in your 2g gprs plan

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