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Paranormal-DEFA (PC/ENG/2013)

Paranormal-DEFA (PC/ENG/2013)
English | Platform: PC | Release: 7 Jun 2013 | Publisher: Nifflas Games | Developer: Nifflas Games | 703 MB
Genre: Action / Shooter / Indie

Experience the horrors of a haunting thats never the same twice.
Paranormal is a 3D fully dynamic haunting experience.
The player takes the role of Mattel Clark, an artist who has a haunted house.
Mattel decides to film the hauntings with his camera, which is the viewpoint of the game.
The player controls the camera as the hauntings slowly but surely escalate into something far worse and more horrific.
With multiple endings, a different experience every time, top-notch graphics and sound, Paranormal is a constantly evolving indie horror game.


Free Content Updates FOREVER: Paranormal will receive free content updates that add new locations, stories, scenarios, scares, gameplay mechanics, and more! You will NEVER have to pay for DLC in Paranormal. The game's content is planned to double or even triple with each major content update.
Collectibles: In your bedroom, there's a shelf where all the collectibles you find are displayed.
Sleep System: Sleeping in your bed recharges your camera's batteries and also has a chance of triggering other events.
Flashlight (camera light): Creates a bright, short ranged light that casts dynamic shadows.
Newer sound effects: I've totally redone the sound in the game, optimizing it for surround sound or headphones.
Controller support: The game will launch with full XBOX 360 Controller support, as well as native Mouse + Keyboard.
Dynamic Haunting: I've revamped the dynamic haunting features from the tech demo I released, adding multiple outcomes, dynamic triggers, countless variables, and an action-reaction system. This will make your experience with the game much more unique and memorable, without missing out on anything important.
First-Person Camera: Much like in the movies вЂ˜Paranormal Activity' or вЂ˜The Blair Witch Project', the viewpoint will be that of a camera being held by a person (the player). Effects like camera shake, pixelation, video distortion, audio distortion, and motion blur will all be present thanks to the camera screen-space shader I built for everything.

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