Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Top 3 Sites To Earn Money From Mobile By Receiving SMS

One of the newest category in the online job is earning money from mobile phone. We have registered and reviewed all the sites who claim to pay by receiving SMS and found that half of the sites either don’t have enough advertisers or don’t pay for our work. We are providing you details of top 6 sites that are trusted and pay you for receiving SMS as well as the sites you should avoid to join.

Although you are not going to make big money by receiving SMS but still this will add some amount in your monthly income without spending time on these sites. As you will earn by receiving SMS, you don’t have to devote time in this work. Just receive SMS as per your convenient time, check the SMS and the ads and delete this. That’s it.

Yes, many companies provide so many great offers through such SMS which are not available in the market so if you like some offers, you can go ahead to buy and that will be an earn-money-from-mobile-sites added advantage for you. If you don’t like, simply delete the ad. You will earn from each and  every SMS that you receive in your mobile.

Top 3 Sites to Earn Money From Mobile
1. mGinger

This is one of the best sites to earn money from mobile. They have good history of paying to their members with many positive feedback's they have received. At the time of joining, you can specify how many SMS you want daily and your convenient time slot when you want to receive the SMS.

You can refer people and earn INR 2 for each and every person who joins mGinger through your link. Inviting people through mGinger is very easy. You can invite through Yahoo Messenger or G Talk, You can invite through your email or your friends on social media sites or even by sending SMS, all from with in the mGinger sites itself. Just click the ‘invite’ link after login and you will know how easy is that. So what are you waiting for, just join mGinger by clicking the link below-
Join mGinger from here

2. PaisaLive

PaisaLive is one of the best site with lots of big brand advertisers with them. PaisaLive will pay you for every unique login to your account in 24 hrs time. You get paid INR 99/- instantly on signup. They also send promotional emails of their advertisers. So you you will earn INR 0.25 to INR 5.00 for each paid email. You can also make INR 2 for each referral.
Join PaisaLive Here

3. ViewBestAds

Again one of the best and simple but interesting concept. You will see the advertisement of your own interest, you can see the positive news, predict the Nifty & play the quiz everyday and get paid. Rs. 200 is paid instantly on joining ViewBestAds. Earn INR 50/- for each person you invite and when he joins. One of the good video to understand the concept and earning calculation is explained on the FAQ page. In fact check the FAQs of all the 5 websites so that you will get the complete idea of these companies and their concept.

Click Above Banner to join ViewBestAds

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