Sunday, June 3, 2012

Install Win XP Less Then 10 Mins….

Install Win XP Less Then 10 Mins….

Install windows xp within 10 min. basically it takes 40 min to install windows xp. But with this tips and help you can install xp within 10 min,
1st boot xp cd
After loading full file, you need to do a partion. “C” select
It might be of NTFS or FAT.
After making partion it will start install process and it will install necessary file, after installing it will restart the computer or ask to restart.
From now on 10 min work will start
After restart you will see a operating system desktop where it is written 40 min time

Now press shift + F10 button wait for next command.
Command prompt will appear, in command prompt “ “TASKMGR” will open, just lick on and now setup.exe tab will be shown right click on setup.exe set priority will open then select HIGH OR ABOVE NORMAL
Select it and every thing finish
Now no nee to do any thing it will set up within 10 min

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