Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Galli Cricket (2010) PC Game ripped 63 mb

Street Cricket Indian Galli Style is a street style game with unorthodox shots and challenging game play that changes with every level. It evolves constantly based on gamer input. People set challenges on playing certain shots with style or chasing big scores under pressure and compare with their friends charging up a competitive community.

Street Cricket is a community centric fun 3D PC street cricket game where the game play is challenging and varies based on the levels. You need a good sense of timing to play your shots.

* Play in unique levels.
* Customize characters with different set of gears.
* Twist Bat to play shots between gaps.
* Use powerful bats to play better shots.
* Lucky bands to make fielders drop catches.
* Move player around to play different shots.
* Chase your own total in a You VS You.
* Switch between shots to score more.

System Requirements
* Operating System : Windows XP/Vista / 7
* RAM : Minimum 512MB RAM
* Video : DirectX 9.0c


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