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Trick To Generate Jio Barcode From All 2G/3G/4G Devices (Get free Jio Sim)

Trick To Generate Jio Barcode

Trick To Generate Jio Barcode From All 2G / 3G / 4G Devices (Get free Jio Sim)

Jio Free 4G Internet is One Of The Hottest Topic In india , As We have seen images with Long Long Queues and Waiting Against Jio Digital Stores and Reliance xpress Mini stores.
After Mukesh Ambani The Head Of Reliance Jio Officially Launched Jio 4G This Month, The Expected Rush has Started In Jio Stores

What is Jio Barcode ? 

Jio Has One Rule And That is – One Device One Jio 4G Sim , Though It has Been Tweaked Later by many jio tricks.
So Reliance Has Started Giving Barcode Like Code Once You Install Myjio App On Your Device Which Is Mirror Of Your IMEI Number , In Any Of The Phone You can generate The Jio Barcode Only Once and It has Typical Limit Of Time Frame in Which You have to Buy The Jio sim After Showing Your Barcode.
So Basically Jio Barcode is Essential Thing To get Free JIO 4G SIM. I have seen many of Our Readers Are getting trouble in generating Jio Barcode From Their Android Devices. So Lets Gets Started To Generate The Jio Barcode

How generate Jio Barcode from 2G 3G Devices

This Trick Credit Goes to Our reader Suvam
Hey guys.. If u are having problem in generating your mobile’s bar code from my jio app… Then follow my steps…
  1. First open jio’s official website. And then check whether your handset is in the compatible phone’s list. If yes, then go for the next step.
2. Now Just Download the latest version of my jio app from playstore.
3. Now u have to find a friend, who is using a jio Sim.
Ask him to share his jio 4G net with u through hotspot.
4. After u are connected to the WiFi. Open Settings › Apps › MyJio.
5. Click on “Clear Data”. Restart your mobile with your mobile connected to jio4g WiFi.
6. Now After Your phones switches on. Make sure your mobile is still connected to the WiFi.
7.Open MyJio app quickly. The banner at the top asking You to install all jio apps will change to a new banner having an option to ” Get jio Sim” or “get a Sim”.
8. Click on it .. Fill up your name and phone no. U will receive one OTP. Type that in the OTP column.
And u are done a page containing the bar code will appear. Take a screenshot of it. And take it to the nearest store with all the required documents and grab your Sim.

MyJio Jio Barcode Is Showing Already Redeemed What to Do?

Jio Barcode Is Showing Already Redeemed Is Common Problem Now a days, As I have seen Many Of Our Readers Getting This Problem While Generating Jio Barcode From Above Given 1 , 2, 3 Methods
This Is Why Jio Barcode Is Showing Already Redeemed :
This Problem Persist Because Some One From Your Friends Circle or Any One Used YourIMEI Number To JIO BARCODE , And Jio Barcode Is Linked With IMEI so When You Generate Barcode Its Start Showing error Like ” Barcode Is Already Reedemed ”
Now How to Generate The Another Barcode From Same Device ?
If You Are Getting Same Error And Your ” Barcode is showing Already Redeemed” By Some one Then You can Do Following Things to Get Free Jio SIM
Still Getting trouble Generating Barcodes Then Visit This Epic guide :
  1. Generate The Jio Barcode From Any Other 3G Mobile With Above Trick >> Get Jio SIm and Use In Your Mobile
2. Change Your IMEI and Device ID and You Can Get Another Barcode From Your Phone
P.S:- Changing IMEI is Crime In India And CoolzTricks is Not Recommending It…
Final Words:- This Guide Is Only For Newbie Users And 3G phones users. 4G users are Simple Get Barcode as Shown Above, This is Full Working Guide to generate Jio Barcode From any 2G 3G Device as in Video You Can clearly See that We have generated Jio Barcode from Micromax 3G Phone.

Still If any Problem Persists, You can Freely Comment Down Below,


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