Thursday, August 9, 2012

Watch TV on your Laptop or Desktop for Free

Watch TV on your Laptop or Desktop for Free

 Watch TV on your Laptop or Desktop for Free
Yes! cable TV is past now, why should we pay heavy subscription charges monthly while we could watch TV on our computers. Gone are the days when every house had TV’s but only few had computers, Now every house has computer and even internet connectivity.TV Tuner cards made it possible to watch TV channels on personal computer and laptops. But we’re not talking about Tuner cards here. We’re talking about television channel broadcastin live on web that too without much delay in streaming.

Many of the national and international TV channels broadcast live for free on web. So all we need is a software or website that combines these channels makes it a Online TV. Some of the websites may require the use of latest browser with Microsoft Silverlight or Flash Player or Windows Media Player for browsers to view the channels. As you are accessing the site through web browser your browser should support the playback of the videos. Don’t be worried the browser will flash out the news when you are encounter the requirement of it, Firefox does that and I am sure other browser too should do it.
Now i’ll show you some sites where you can browse a huge list of TV channels for free streaming over internet -
>>The WWi TV or the World Wide Internet TV website is a guide to streaming media available on the web for free. You would have the country list and categories list too on the left pane. Click on any category and you will get the list of TV channels which falls under that category. A click on the TV channel will lead you to a page where the broadcast of channel will begin quickly.Surely this is the #1 portal to view the live TV on your PC and laptop.
>> iDesiTV is a web portal which provides a live streaming of South Asian entertainment channels mostly from INDIA. It’s a straightforward, free services which allows watching of TV channels for free. To view the channels in iDesiTV you might need to have Flash or Silverlight supported by your browser to watch live streaming of content. The following are the channels supported by iDesiTV – Sony TV, Star Plus, Star One, Zee TV, Star Gold, MTV India, Sahara Family, NDTV Profit, News 9, NDFT Good Times, NDTV Imagine, ETV Bangla, ETC Punjabi, UTV Moviews, Geo News, Ary Digital, Ary Music, PTV, Geo TV, Vissa TV, Raj Music Kannada, Raj Music Malayalam, Raj Music Tamil, Jaya Max, Jaya Plus, Makkal TV, Raj Tamil News, ETV Oriya, SVBC and TV5.
>> The Live TV Software released by works on software program which has to be downloaded and installed which works through your internet connection to bring TV to your PC. This TV software is 100% legal to use and it has broadcasting of mostly all the countries in the world.
>>Mobile TV is actually available for mobiles but being a web-based portal its makes it easy for the PC and laptop users to access the portal and watch the live streaming of the channels. The channels includes by them for live streaming, some of them which I know are Al Jazeera, Discovery Channel, ESPN, The History Channel, MTV, National Geographic Channel, NDTV 24×7, Nickelodeon, Sky News and few others. All in together they allow broadcast of 36 channels straight from their browser without any registration or download.
It looks like the future of TV on PC and laptops looks bright

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