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Crazy Tricks to Cheat in Exams

Worried about scoring good marks in exams???
Each one of us (including me icon biggrin Crazy Tricks to Cheat in Exams ) has gone through such situations where there’s just too much syllabus to cope up with in too little time! In such a scenario you might just dwindle away from your morals to “cheat” your way to glory  

icon wink Crazy Tricks to Cheat in Exams
Though you must remember that cheating is a punishable offence, once caught you might just have to spend a part of your lifetime behind the bars icon sad Crazy Tricks to Cheat in Exams (only in some cases) . But just in case you want to fulfill your malicious intentions, you can go through a few tricks of the trade that have been mentioned here:-

->ERASER METHOD-You just need an eraser for this to work out for you. Write out important points on a medium or small sized eraser(whichever you prefer).The writing should be micro sized, though understandable. You can keep the eraser inside your pencil box,or anywhere else,out of the invigilator’s sight!
 >SLIP-PEN METHOD- Take a small slip of paper,write out the important points,roll it up n place it carefully in your pen cap or roll it onto the refill. When the time arrives, slowly take the slip out, read up the info n then carefully place it back or trash it. Just be aware of the invigilator.
 >NAIL-PENCIL METHOD- This trick is good especially for girls as they have long nails,nevertheless even boys can try it. Write up the main points on your nails with a pencil, it would be preferable to write short-forms( mnemonics) instead of whole lines and paras.You can even erase the info in case the invigilator suspects something suspicious.
 >LONG-SLEEVED SHIRT METHOD- You can apply this approach in winters, or any other season that permits you to wear long sleeved shirts. Write up all the info on your forearms and cover them up with your long sleeves. When the time is ripe, just fold them up cautiously escaping the invigilator’s glare.

 >DESK METHOD- If you know the classroom and the desk where you need to sit and give the examination,then this method is apt for you. Usually the desks in schools and colleges are all scribbled up, you can take advantage of this to write up your notes. Use a pencil to write on the desks, hence it would be easier to erase everything in case of emergency.
 >PENCIL BOX METHOD- In case you are allowed to take your pencil box along with you in exams, you can take advantage of this! You can buy a flip style pencil box(as shown in pic) and write up the content on the inner side of the flip part. Open up your box when the invigilator’s not around or pretend as if you are taking something out of your box
 >CHIT METHOD- This is an old and traditional cheating method,still popular with many. The method is as simple as it sounds, just make small chits with all the content that you want and place those chits in your shoes, socks, underneath folded sleeves or some place      where the risk of getting caught is minimum
 >MICRO-XEROX- This is a modern way of cheating that’s come up with the advent of xerox machines. You can go to any xerox shop, get your notes printed out in micro size n voila! You can carry these micro notes along with you and employ them just like the chit method mentioned above.
 >SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR- Science students may take the advantage of scientific calculators that are allowed in exams. Usually the Calc has a lot of info written on it(measurements,modes etc.) hence you can fox the invigilator by writing your content that matches the colour and font of the info present on the Calc. Apart from that, some Calcs’ come with memory storage, hence you can save some important answers if need be!
 >BRIBE- This is the one you all might have been waiting for! Some of you might have tried this method icon wink Crazy Tricks to Cheat in Exams .Sound and effective, this method is prevalent in small towns and cities where invigilators accept bribe and permit cheating to any limit(literally)! You can try it out, if you have lucky stars you might just get away with it!

>BATHROOM EXCUSE- ”May I go to the loo?”, these words are enough to help you in peeing your way to good marks  :-D. Invigilators usually allow students to go to the bathroom, in such a case you can pre-plan your cheating strategy by placing study material(pages,notes etc.) either in the pot tank or somewhere behind the pot.
Make sure you do not take too much time in there and do not go to the bathroom frequently while in an exam!

These methods may sound effective, but guarantee of success via cheating is very low. Always bear in mind that cheating in exams using any of these methods is completely your responsibility!
On the funnier part, do suggest some other methods that you guys may have in mind, in the comments section. Have fun icon biggrin Crazy Tricks to Cheat in Exams

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